Imperious yet evanescent precious colours enchant and skillfully collide with layered structures disclosed by impressive mastery.

The cross-pollination (sculpture, painting, photography, literature, psychology, philosophy, medicine, gemology, chemistry, neuroscience) adds surplus value to her works.
Sonja Colapinto de Weligonoff is the Bard
of contemporary art.

Leon Black
Chairman, Ceo, Direttore AGM
Chairman MoMA

Eminently enigmatic and hypnotic art, whose fulcrum is neurosensorial perception.

The ode to perfectible changeability
(in contrast with kantian aesthetics)
and to the self’s unpredictable becoming, masterfully synthesized by pictorial virtuosity,
resolves the conflict between
perceived reality and trapped in the painting image one-sidedness
efficiently glorifying hegelian profusion process.
Challenge against gravity is won

Arthur Danto
Art Critic, Philosopher

The oeuvre of Sonja Colapinto
de Weligonoff seizes a borderline area, the one called the Fifth Season in the Chinese Traditional Medicine.

It represents the moment of transition and it’s a season that exists without existing.
Every instant in the now is a transition towards elsewhere and the projective dynamics make illusory any form.
Thus anxiety pervades us in order to shoot the moment, to pictorially steal it from Time in order to fight oblivion.
On the contrary the artist faces fear and catches the formal power of what formal
is not yet.
Takes courage because that form isn’t predictable, every transformation is a journey with no well-defined destination.
To observers who have been dealing with medicine for decades like yours truly, it’s easy to get in Sonja Colapinto de Weligonoff’s works the signs of transition stages, which you can distinguish in the abysses of the extracellular matrix, in the organs’ differentiation mistery, in the neoplastic cells’ disdainful and anarchic refusal.
If you watch Colapinto de Weligonoff’s creations, you aren’t looking at an horizon but at the unsolved mistery of the free choice that dwells in the Tangible and Intangible that let us amazed under the sky.

Marco Del Prete
MD specialist in Nephrology, Homeopathy, Natural and Biological Medicine.
President and Professor – School of Homeopathy, Homotoxichology A.M.I.O.T
Professor Medical Biotechnologies and Natural Medicine – Faculty of Medicine – Universita’ degli Studi Milano –
Professor Energetic Acupuncture – Universita’ degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale

Hypnotic abysses and 3d depths.

Subversive interventions armed with pigments, precious stones, peptides and minerals, create opposites’ perfect balance.
Nourishment for hungry souls.

Gillo Dorfles
Art critic, Painter, Philosopher

Nothing is fortuitous.

Everything is original.
Dominates the matter, reveals recondite emotions unveiling the unknown and the unusual, transmitting subliminal messages
and instilling doubts in the most erudites.
The versatile and rigorous artistic journey, by any means, avoids the ruling deference and raises unforeseen reflections on the verge
of a dangerous perfectionism.
Works’ titles, keen summary of the artist’s articulate and sophisticated thought, disclose innovative interpretations showing the modus operandi simplifying semiotics.

Mafalda Calvani
Storico e critico d’arte

Extensive know-how, amazing versatile crossing-boundaries creativity, unique take.

A pure visionary talent.

Louise Wilson
Director Central Saint Martins, London