The merger of art, gemology, chemistry and neuroscience allowed me to create NeuroPaintings®, functional works with strong beneficial effects on the nervous system.

Retina’s and brain’s M.O. to translate wavelengths and light spectra into colours and shapes, permits to identify the most appropriate and effective visual information to induce the brain restoring its biological balance, regenerating the areas showing anomalies.

Every work has a specific purpose and the “advanced” observer immediately recognizes the most suitable for his biological needs because receptors choose what is healthy and reject what is not useful to stabilize the system.

The simple act of gazing at my works triggers the rebalancing of the nervous system by lowering stressors increasing its neuronal regeneration.

It’s a brain plasticity training.

As stated by randomised double-blind trials – FMRI, EEG, HRV, FNIRS, BIO/NEUROFEEDBACK – my works’ view causes :

– brain regions instant synch
– analgesic effect on the psycho-neuro-endocrine framework
– immediate activation of the parasympatethic nervous system – attenuation of the sympatethic nervous system response
– reduction of amygdala’s and hippocampus’ metabolic   activity

– surge of oxitocin and somatotrophin
– decrease in pro-inflammatory stimuli and histamine levels